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Nutrikon Ltd. | Toll Manufacturer of Fertilizer & Crop Protection Products

Nutrikon Ltd.

Our company has the capabilities for the production of both organic and synthetic soil and plant conditioning as well as crop protection products.
Our main activity is the production of granulated and liquid pesticide and fertilizer products including soluble liquids (SL), suspension concentrates (SC), suspoemulsions (SE) – flexibly serving the needs of our customers.

We especially pay close attention to the quality of our products, as well as we provide a safe and environmentally friendly workplace for our employees. We expanded the regulations of our management system accordingly, with BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 standards that cover the whole manufacturing process including quality control.

Besides the classical analytical testing methods, the instrumental park of QC laboratory is developing too (with Gas Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Laser Particle Size Analyzer, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer) due to quality control during production and post-production.

Thanks to this effort, we are able to welcome multinational companies amongst our customers such as FMC, Arysta, Sharda, Synthos.

We have nearly 2.000 pallets storage capacity for the production-related raw materials and products according to the strictest SEVESO standards.

Nutrikon Ltd. owns the production plant of Plantaco Ltd. in severalty, which develops and sells organic and synthetic plant conditioning products and fertilizers.

Pesticide & Fertilizer production

Our technologies, capacities:
Granules production

  • High-pressure dry granulation facility including compactor (4-5 tons/day)
  • Three low-pressure (basket-extrusion) production lines coupled with belt-dryer in different facilities (1.5-4 tons/day)
  • Coated-granulation plant coupled with spraying technology (40 tons/day)

Liquid production

  • Heatable or coolable 2 m³ & 3 m³ autoclaves, two vessels for homogenisation with the capacity of 8 m³/each (30 m³/day)
  • For FW products: two Fryma bead mills (6 m³/day)
  • 2 m³ & 1 m³ high-shear autoclaves



Our technologies, capacities:

  • 5-25 kg packaging lines for granules (35-40 tons/day)
  • Liquid packaging line for cans/bottles of 1-20 liter (35-45 m³/day)
  • Liquid packaging line for bottles of 0.2 liter (1 m³/day)
  • Automated labelling through packaging


  • 1000 m² floor area
  • Installed 2.000 pallet shelving system
  • Aspiration smoke detector system, an alarm system directly connected to the Fire Department
  • Havaria tools in the warehouse
  • Narrow corridor system
  • Jungheinrich induction-driven forklift
  • SEVESO III standardisation
Apart from storage and movement of goods, we can provide:


  • Labelling
  • Commission
  • EKÁER administration



Something else about us

Our manufacturing Headquarters is located in Hidas, 3 kms far away from Bonyhád along the main road 6 in the undulating countryside of Mecsek Hills and Völgység region.

“Our manufacturing activity is characterized by Hungarian ingenuity enriched with diligence of Swabians and courage of Székely’s from Bukovina living in significant numbers in the surrounding settlements.”


We are able to welcome multinational companies amongst our customers such as FMC, Arysta, Sharda, Synthos.

Nutrikon Ltd.

7696 Hidas, lot nr. 1204

Phone: +36 72 457 020
E-mail: info[at]nutrikon.hu

Production & Packaging

Zoltán Gergely

Mobile: +36 20/917 6237
E-mail: gergely.zoltan[at]plantaco.hu


Zsuzsanna Willmek

Mobile: +36 30/210 7613
E-mail: willmek.zsuzsa[at]plantaco.hu

Plantaco Ltd.

László Kakuk

E-mail: kakuk.laszlo[at]plantaco.hu